2009 - 2013

  • Projektpalatset

    We have developed and are now running this online service which is an online project management service ideal when participants are geographically seperated. The software is based on Feng Office. We're going to continually develop and improve the service.

    December 2010 - ...


    Complete makeover of Puts & Plattsättning's web site. The only thing we kept was the underlaying project database. New modern design and connected to a customized CMS which makes the site easy to maintain. The core would be the projects which are cross referenced to services. Every project has a map position, and an automaticaly genereted list of similar projects (like on YouTube). The site is also designed to work well on phones and other handheld devices.

    Sep - Oct 2010

  • Sim Lean 2.0 (web game)

    A further development of the award winning game Sim Lean 1.2. This version includes several new features that simulate problems on a workplace that result in waste and provides tools to reduce it. Sim Lean 2.0 will be available in several different languages, including English, and will among other things be used in education at Universities around the globe.

    Aug 2009 - May 2010

  • IAARC Publication Database

    Creation of IAARC's publication database. Backend tools for administrating and a public interface for browsing and searching. Adapted to the Google Scholar search engine.

    April 2010

  • - New Web Site

    Big overhaul of the website. We're using a new platform but keep all the existing databases (projects, services, news, staff, etc), and almost everything is easily managed through a CMS. The site is designed to work well on mobile phones.

    Februari - March 2010

  • (New design)

    Implementation of a new modern design and a couple of new features.

    May - June 2009

  • (New design)

    New design for Frog Marine Service AB, based on the theme of the new owner, MarCon-Gruppens. Also quite a few changes to both style and content on many pages.

    March 2013


    ØPD Group, one of Scandinvia's leading marine construction and diving companies, are establishing themselves in Sweden. Needing a full fledged web site fast, it was completed within 3-4 days of hard work. The design is adaptive and responsive and works well for both mobile phones and tablets as ordinary big screens. The client can manage the content of the entire web site, and there are databases for Projects, Equipment and Services.

    February 2013

  • Spef new website

    SPEFs site is new and modern. The site is mobile-friendly and built in HTML 5 and CSS 3.

    October 2012 - January 2013

  • Worion website

    Worions site is set up so they can maintain the content and add sub-pages as necessary.

    October 2012

  • Hazardous waste mobile application

    In 2004, the Swedish construction industry developed the manual Hazardous waste to give clear guidance on handling and transportation of hazardous waste in accordance with environmental legislation. When it was time for an update of the manual for the 2012 it was decided that it would be designed as an app, a mission that went to Profundis. The handbook was developed essentially as a web application and works on all smartphones, but in addition also produced applications specifically for iPhone and Android. Hazardous waste should be as recommended be on every building and work as part of the environment and quality work

    June 2012 - june 2013

  • Sim Lean 2.1 - New project (level)

    A massive rewrite of the game's 3D engine, based on Away3D, and did a lot of optimizations, bug fixes and some new features. After that we added the third game level, a huge office complex, based on Skandiahuset/Gångaren 11 in Stockholm. We had to do blueprints, 3d models, textures and animations for the building. The project (in the game) is made up of several thousand smaller tasks with intricate relationships and visualizations. We also had to optimize the underlaying simulator to be able to handle the new level.

    March-July 2012

  • Rstudio new website

    Rstudio is an architectural office with special expertise in commercial and urban development. They belong to the nation's leading designer of regional shopping centers, but is also active internationally with projects across Europe, Africa and South America. The site is designed to give Rstudio themselves can maintain the content and add sub-pages as necessary and in several different languages. Rstudio wanted to have a website that stands out and design and function has been developed in cooperation between Profundis, Rstudio and brand builder Jonas Wang Stone on DekoFunk. The result was, among other things, that the content is dynamic and adapts to the visitor's screen size, a focus on images illustrating Rstudios skills and smooth transitions between the sides and between the images.

    February-july 2012

  • App "Chronox Tidrapportering"

    The Mobile App for our time reporting/sheeting service, Chronox. There are versions for iPhone and Android, and utilizing the jQuery Mobile frame work. With the app you can easily report your time with the "Quick Reporting" function, but also view older time sheets and make corrections and submit current sheets.

    April - may 2012

  • (New web site)

    Gestalt previously had a website built in Flash, which among other things caused problems in older versions of iPad, which lacked support for the swf format. However, they were satisfied with the site's design and effects and asked us to convert it to a generally functional version built using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

    The site was also moved to a WordPress platform to facilitate Gestalt's ability to maintain the content themselves.

    April - may 2012

  • "Rivarna", mobile application

    With this app we did for Tear and remediation contractors can easily look up contact information for board members and from north to south, saving them down in your mobile phone and get directions to the address on Google Maps with a single keystroke. Calendar of upcoming activities posted on the Association's website, which you can add to your phone's own calendar

    April 2012

  • Turebergs swimclub new design

    On Turebergs swimclubs website we made a new design

    April 2012

  • Waves4power New website

    Waves4Power is an international company with strong Swedish interests that develops and sells wave power. Their wave power systems WaveEL has paved the way for a more environmentally friendly energy and aroused the interest of many. The development is fast and Waves4Power was at this initial stage in need of a website to present their solutions and continuously communicate news. As the company is in an expansive and positive development, there is need for the next step, expand the site further by including support for multiple languages ​​to reach out to stakeholders in an international market.

    March 2012

  • Subsea New website

    Subsea Åland is a family business that performs special tasks around the Baltic Sea using both icebreakers and tugs. As a result of the operations being conducted internationally, website Posted in Finnish, Swedish and English. It is based on a platform that enables Subsea themselves to update all the sub-pages, including a section on equipment that the company has for sale or lease.

    December 2011 - February 2012

  • App "HiB" - Håltagningsentreprenörerna

    App for iPhone and Android on behalf of Håltagningsentrerenörerna inom Sveriges Byggindustrier. You can easily find contact information to all members and to the organization itself, and add them to your own contacts. Also includes a calendar with all activities which you can add to your own calendar.

    October 2011


    New web site. Implementation of design and content. Also a custom made animation intro for first time visitors.

    October 2011

  • (Member list)

    Radically new list of the association's member companies. The idea is to make it possible for visitors to easily find rental companies in their proximity with the right assortment. In addition to expanding the list of logos and more information, there are three criteria (keyword, catalog, map) that can be combined. Full AJAX support (the page is updated in real time, without reloading).

    August 2011

  • (New design)

    A new, a bit more modern, design.

    June 2011

  • Chronox time

    Chronox time is a proprietary service with us at Profundis. Chronox is a modern web-based time reporting system to avoid paperwork and get a good overview of your employees reported time. Chronox is developed with the key words simplicity and ease of use.

    May 2011 - ...

  • App "SPEF"

    We have developed this mobile application for SPEF's organization. The application is developed for both Android and iPhone.

    April-May 2011


    A complete new web site for Göteborgs Fasadputs. The entire web site is connected to a customized CMS which makes all content easy to maintain. The core would be the projects which are cross referenced to services. Every project has a map position, and an automaticaly genereted list of similar projects (like on YouTube). The site is also designed to work well on phones and tablets.

    March 2011

  • (New design)

    Creation and implemenation of a new design. Also some minor changes to the content and protection of e-mail addresses.

    May 2009

  • (New design)

    Creation and implemenation of a new design, and some structural changes with the objective to facilitate navigation on the site.

    March 2009

2007 - 2008

  • (New design... again)

    Implementation of a new design. Some new functionality as well, eg development of algorithms to produce lists of Similar projects. Yet again it's our friends at SCP responsible for the main design.

    Oktober 2008 - februari 2009

  • Standardization:

    Standardization of the web site. We removed the frameset and converted to XHTML 1.0 Strict and proper stylesheet usage, rendering the site much more search engine friendly, accessible and managable.

    February 2009

  • Sim Lean 1.2 (web game)

    An upgraded version of the game. The main feature added was an improved hiscore system, where we divided it into All-time and Last 30 days, and the ability for players to create groups and compete within them. Also a few minor improvements in the graphics and behaviour.

    July - August 2008

  • (New design)

    Implementation of new design and other minor tweaks.

    February - March 2008

  • (New design)

    Implementation of new design and other minor tweaks.

    February 2008


    Ett web-based calculation program, Putskalkyl, for Murma Byggmaterial. The applet calculates the required material for various products and usages. We use AJAX on top of a traditional server-based structure to maximise usability and ease, but retaining compatibility with all kinds of browsers.

    February 2008

  • - Booking system

    On-line booking system. Customers can submit when they need service, and TBS have a web-based system for managing the bookings.

    February 2008

  • (New design)

    Implementation of new design and content in response to the company's new profile. Concept and design by our friends at SCP.

    October - Novermber 2007


    Besides a slight make-over and standardization of the web site, what we did was a complete restructuring of products section.

    March - May 2007

  • Sim Lean 1.0 (web game)

    Design and programming of a web game using Flash. The game is meant to simulate Lean in constrution and to teach how to make the process as efficient as possible.

    Winter - summer 2007

  • KMA (System for project administration)

    A web-based system for managing documentation around construction projects. Developed for SPEF.

    Spring - winter 2006/2007

2005 - 2006

2004 and older

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