Hosted Exchange / Zarafa

Hosted Exchange (Zarafa) allows you to take full advantage of Outlook functions and access the same content from SmartPhones and a fully feature web interface, without having to run your own Exchange server. E-mail, calendar and contacts are centrally stored on our servers and you can share folders with your coworkers.


  • E-mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes
  • Always accessible: Outlook and other e-mail clients, WebAccess, Phones
  • WebAccess: Fully featured web interface providing virtually all Outlook features and then some more.
  • Stored centrally on our servers.
  • We will help you getting started, organize and move e-mail etc.


  • No need to run your own mail server and expensive internet connection and bother about backups.
  • Everything is synchronized; in the office, at home, in your phone and any web browser.
  • E-mail and other data can be shared within the company.

More information and Demo

Read more about how it works in Zarafa's feature list or on Zarafa's web site.

See the online demo of the WebAccess.


We offer company solutions, where the company has an account with total space shared among the users.

Account type Users Monthly fee
1 GB5 400 SEK
5 GB5 550 SEK
10 GB5650 SEK
Extra users5250 SEK

Prices are excluding VAT.

If you require many users and/or lots of storage, we can offer you a good deal. On large sites we can set up Zarafa in your own network and servers.

About Zarafa

Zarafa is an Open Source replacement for Microsoft Exchange, more atuned to web standards and allow us flexibility.