We offer web space, e-mail and domain management, etc.

This provide several advantages for customers that we assist continuously:

  • Faster development and more inexpensive updates of web solutions.
  • Fewer suppliers that would otherwise take time (i.e. money)
  • Stability in our server-based tools and software that make high demands on the server environment.
  • We have the ability to make adjustments that otherwhise would be difficult if not impossible.

We have loads of experience administrating and configuring servers in general (and Apache HTTP Server in particular), so we can also help you setup up or troubleshoot your own servers and networks.

Please contact us for more information about what we can do for you.


We can now offer Hosted Exchange that allows you to take full advantage of Outlook functions and access the same content from SmartPhones and a fully feature web interface, without having to run your own Exchange server. Read more about Hosted Exchange (Zarafa).

Solutions and prices

We can offer everything from just e-mail to dedicated servers and co-location. To keep it simple we also offer standard solutions covering the most common needs:

Hosting solutions
  WH 50 WH 150 WH 500 WH M5
Per month: 190 SEK 380 SEK 580 SEK 1100 SEK
Setup fee: 450 SEK 450 SEK 450 SEK 950 SEK
Server space: 50 MB 150 MB 500 MB 5 GB
Transfer per month: 1 GB 3 GB 5 GB 100 GB
E-mail accounts: 10 st 50 st 150 st 150 st
Webmail: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Database*: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Streaming media/RTSP: No No No Yes
Daily backups**: Yes Yes Yes Yes
Statistics***: Yes Yes Yes Yes

All prices exclude VAT and costs for domain names.

  • *) Database and user on a SQL-server (MySQL).
  • **) Daily incremental backups and monthly complete backups. The backups are stored locally and are also transfered to geographically distant locations where they are stored 3-6 months.
  • ***) Since statistics usually has to be configured specifically for a site to be meaningful, we do not implement this unless the customer explicitly requests it. However, we always keep the complete logs why it is possible to put together the statistics retroactively on demand.
Optional services
ServiceStarting feeMonthly cost
Extra space (minimum 25 MB) - 2 SEK/MB
Increased e-mail account size: 50 MB - 75 SEK
Transfer a domain name 500 SEK -
Recovery from backup 750 SEK -
Extra traffic -100 SEK/GB
Extra domain name - 50 SEK each
CD backup * 500 SEK 50 SEK

All prices exclude VAT and costs for domain names.

  • *) The backups are mailed 4 times a year, and when the service begins. The backup contain a copy of your root directory, a dump of your SQL databases, and any e-mail in storage. As a rule, the contents can not be used as is, however it can be reconstructed be a professional.
Domain prices
Top Level Domain Registration fee Renewal fee Renewal period
.se (Sweden) 800 SEK400 SEK1 year
.nu 800 SEK800 SEK2 year
.com 700 SEK700 SEK2 year
.org 700 SEK700 SEK2 year
.biz 700 SEK700 SEK2 year
.info 700 SEK700 SEK2 year
.eu 600 SEK360 SEK1 year

All prices exclude VAT. The prices are based on current registrar fees and exchange rates. Domain renewal fees are charged on the invoice covering the period during which the domain has to be renewed. In most cases the domain can be registered/renewed directly by the customer. The prices above apply when we attend these services on behalf of the customer.


Slackware - The Linux Distro

We use Open Source as much as we can, because we think transparency leads to more stable, secure and adaptable solutions. As developers we are not comfortable using software that we are not allowed to modify.

If required we can offer almost anything, including Microsoft Windows, IIS/ASP, SQL, etc. However, our standard solutions are based on the following excellent systems: