Maintenance of Web Solutions

All web soultions need some kind of maintenance. There are updates, fixes to be implemented, etc. By entering an agreement this process is made smoother for all those conserned

Beside service we offer our customers lower costs for further development. Hence it usually pays off to enter an agreement in relation to the development of a project. We can also take over the operation of web solutions not originally developed by Profundis.

Contact service on profundis. se (on=@) for questions about what agreemt would best suit your needs.

Standard agreements

We offer standard agreements that covers the most common needs.

Web service agreements
Monthly cost 450 SEK 800 SEK 1500 SEK
Hours/year* 15 h 30 h 60 h
Max hours/month* 3 h 5 h 7 h
E-mail support Yes Yes Yes
Phone support No Yes Yes
Webmaster** No Yes (Level 1) Yes (Level 2)

Prices excluding VAT.

  • *) Hours per year is an upper limit for how much work we can expend during an agreement period (1 year). The agreement is aimed at continual work, why there is a monthly limit to avoid to large accumulations of work. This, of course, can be adjusted if required.
  • **) The role as webmaster describes to what extent Profundis assumes an activ part in the everyday operation. In Level 1 we supervise the object and take care of problems we discover on our own initiative. In Level 2 we assume an active responsibility to make sure that the object lives up to the objectives of the client.

Please note that the standard agreements should not be considered as time packages since development usually is not included. The agreement is an settlement between Profundis and the customer where we at a certain risk undertake maintenance of an object.

Custom agreements

In case no standard agreement is adequate for a given object, we can after consultation with the customer draft a customized agreement according to the requirements of the specific object.


These documents are not available in english. Contact us if you are interested in them.